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I am currently working on putting the TRIBUTE TO FATHER on the site. Please be sure and check back for constant updates.

Shield Talk

My Brothers, I stand before you at this sacred DeMolay Alter so that I may explain to you the symbolism of the beautiful insignia of our Order.
The insignia was designed by the founder of our great order: Dad Frank S. Land. He designed it as a pin and a symbol that recognizes us as DeMolays and their representatives. Every part of this insignia has a particular significance, and we as DeMolays should know them by heart.
The CROWN is symbolic of the Crown of Youth and constantly reminds a DeMolay of his obligations and the seven precepts of this order: filial love, reverence for sacred things, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity, cleanness and patriotism.
The TEN PRECIOUS STONES in the crown honor our founder, Frank S. Land, and the nine youths whose ties of friendship drew them together in the formation of the Order of DeMolay. The Red Rubies honor those who have passed away. The pearls represent those living members of the original nine. When, as comes to every man, The final summons for each of this honored group, a red ruby takes the place of a pearl.
The HELMET is emblematic of chivalry which we as DeMolays display through our courtesy and respect for womanhood and without which there can be no fineness of character.
The CRESCENT is a sign of secrecy and constantly reminds DeMolays of their duty never to reveal the secrets of our Order or to betray the confidence of a friend.
The five-armed WHITE CROSS symbolize the purity of your intentions to always remember the motto of the Order. No DeMolays shall fail as a citizen, as a leader and as a man.
The CROSSED SWORDS denote justice, fortitude and mercy. They symbolize the increasing warfare of DeMolay against arrogance, despotism and intolerance.
The STARS surrounding the crescent are symbolic of hope and should always remind us of those obligations and duties which one Brother of the Order owes to another.
Be sure to wear this insignia proudly, whether it be on a pin or a crest. Don't wear it to any place where you would be ashamed to take your mother, sister or "best girl." Remember, in all humility, when you wear this emblem, you are representing and speaking for over three million other DeMolays scattered throughout the world and who cannot, for the moment, speak for themselves.

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